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Sebass is a musical ensemble from Winterthur with musicians from Switzerland and Macedonia. Since 2006 they have been generating attention far beyond the country's borders, even ranging into the Balkans.


Sebass plays emotionally, virtuosically and with great enthusiasm in many different kinds of venues, touching hearts and encouraging their audiences to join in and dance. Their unique and authentic style is based on the traditional and modern folk music of Eastern Europe.


On their annual journeys they visit a country in the European Orient to find new inspiration through concerts and contact with local musicians. This in turn leads to their own compositions, characterised by unique experiences, wondrous places and a never-ending joy of discovery.


Sebass have released four studio productions and played hundreds of concerts since their inception.

Accordion, Vocals: Seraphim von Werra

Clarinet, Akkordeon: Nehrun Aliev

Trombone, Vocals: Sebastian Koelman

Guitar: Hüseyin Amedov

Bass guitar: Sebastian Zehnder

Percussion: Adrian Böckli

Sebass Pressefotots breit.001.jpeg